Sunday 1 April 2012


Yes, I'm cutting it a bit fine here peeps...

I now declare April to be Travelling Tales Month at Anna Scott Jots!

So, I usually blog about YA. Well, this isn't going to change TOO much this month. I'll have a fair sprinkling of travel-themed YA reviews to keep you YA loving folk happy. But, sticking to just this mini-genre does seem to be limiting myself somewhat, and not really in the spirit of the whole TRAVELLING, CROSSING BORDERS, EXPANDING HORIZONS thing I've got going on here. Sooooooo, I'm going to be reviewing some travel biographies, some good old fashioned travel fiction, some old classics, basically, anything that I can link to the words TRAVEL and BOOK that isn't a Lonely Planet guide, might well be here.

In addition to some soul-enriching book reviews, I'll be throwing in some guest posts (oooh, 'citing!) and some little posts by me about my travel experiences and how they've had a bit of influence on myself. I promise I won't bore you senseless. Oh, and I may throw in a few literary-themed travel guides too. From Brighton to Bangkok and beyond...

So why a month about travel? Well, it was originally supposed to be in February - my idea was to liven up a traditionally rather gloomy period of the year (well, if you're in the northern hemisphere, anyway), but, well, I'm a bit disorganised (SHOCKER), and I've had to postpone it for several months to coincide with the not-so-gloomy month of April. Oh well.

So dig out your backpack, strap on that fetching money belt and try and to unsuccessfully blend in with the locals. And if in doubt, follow that group of Swedish exchange students who look like they know where they're going...

Oh, and it's my first theme month, so be nice!


  1. I love this idea, Anna! I haven't been overseas in ages so I am going to enjoy living through your travel posts :)

  2. Part of the reason I'm doing it is because I will not be going back overseas in the near future and this is the closet thing I can get to it! Hope you enjoy!

  3. YAY.

    *puts flip flops on and sips a cocktail*

    So excited for this month, Anna!

  4. Hurrah for your first themed month :) I'm excited.

    1. I'm excited too guys! But I'm slightly regret scheduling it so it clashes with school holidays. *falls asleep on laptop*