My YA Confessions

...where I post infrequently depending on how often I feel the urge to confess a YA-related problem that makes me want to hang my head in shame. Or when I need advice from all you YA experts out there. Or when I just want to give you an insight into how my brain works...

I'm a YA Blogging Dabbler...
I really should be reading more UKYA...

Shorts on Shorts

I quite like writing short stories. I quite like reading short stories. But I'm not very good at writing about them. so here is my way around that...

A Little Something for National Short Story Week...
'May Malone' by David Almond
'The Paper Menagerie' By Ken Liu
'Letter for Carlos' by Michael Morpurgo
'Love Letter Straight to the Heart' by Terry Tapp
'The Future Husband' by AJ Ashworth

I Need to Get Out More

...where I report back on things outside my flat. That are generally book-related.

Event: Young Adult Fiction - Coming Out of the Closet

Friday Book Bargains

In my other guise as a freelance writer, I write blogs for a site that hunts done lovely shopping offers. So, I thought it might be quite nice to keep an eye out for any-book related bargains that you people might benefit from. And this site is so much better than other voucher code sites because they give 20% of their profits to charity. Just look under my Friday Book Bargains label for the latest post!

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